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  • C054045A002A

    The Cambium Networks Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) 450 Access Point (AP) can provide more than 90 Mbps throughput and will be interoperable with PMP 430 and PMP 100 Series Subscriber Modules (SM). Service providers with an installed base of PMP 100 subscribers can migrate to new high-throughput PMP 450 modules to enhance overall capacity; allowing more users...

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  • C050045C001A

    Cambium Networks offers a 450i product platform that has the most scalable industrial-grade wireless broadband solution available. This product line from Cambium features an enhanced radio design, higher transmit power, increased receive sensitivity, and dynamic interference filtering. The 450i can provide triple the range of the 450. 

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  • C054045H013B

    The Cambium Networks PMP 450 is one of the industry-leading wireless access network platforms. The PMP 450d Integrated Dish Subscriber Module utilizes the PMP 450 platform capabilities in a new, rugged, high gain design. This easy-to-install product offers a high gain 25dBi integrated dish operating in 5GHz.

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  • HK2022A

    The 27RD Passive Reflector Dish mounts at the Cambium PMP subscriber module and extends the range of a module by focusing the beam into a narrower angle. The internal patch antenna of the module illuminates the 27RD from an offset position. The module support tube provides the proper angle for this offset.

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  • C050000D001A

    The Cambium C050000D001A Cassegrain Lens for Improved Performance (CLIP) is a passive module that enhances the range of Cambium Networks PMP radios. This extends the range to Remote Modules and extends the coverage area of AP tower locations.

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